Thanks for visiting my web site. I hope you enjoy the journey. I made a transition from a career as an award winning package designer and design director in New York City for over thirty years, to upon retiring, fulfilled a second passion as a watercolor artist. Much of my time is now devoted to plein-air painting, and as a watercolor instructor at The Art League of Long Island, NY.

I was fortunate to have discovered the legendary Ed Whitney early on and attended his famous Saturday workshops for several years. I have also taken workshops with Mario Cooper, Robert E. Wood, Frank Webb, Skip Lawrence and Dan Burt.

My design background has had a strong influence on my approach to watercolor painting in that I distill the subject into a series of interesting shapes and intense colors. I can still hear "Old Ed" admonishing the workshop group, "Show me the shapes". Ed had a strong personality and just about anything he said was quotable with his emphasis on design principles, which still remain indelible with his former students to this day.

I live in an 1895 converted barn, which also has my studio and gallery space. I reside in Northport, which is a picture-postcard village on Long Island's North Shore. It has a Main Street with buildings from the 1800's and ends at the village dock that affords a magnificent view of our famous scenic Northport Harbor. The location provides endless painting opportunities from commercial fishing boats, sailboats, and a working boat yard. Victorian homes, marshlands, woods, and beach houses are minutes away from a painting opportunity.

All of these elements have been incorporated into my paintings along with other paintings done on location in Maine, Upstate NY and Puerto Rico.

©2014 Ward Hooper